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Île-à-vache Fondation Solidarités is aware that our strength lies not in words, but through the actions that we carry out and the initiatives that we support. It was in 2000 that our non-profit organization realized that it is through collective work that we can meet challenges effectively. This is why we decided to create Île-à-vache Fondation Solidarités.

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Help the community

At Île-à-vache Fondation Solidarités, we are determined to always step up our efforts to meet this challenge. Health is by no means an easy exercise, it is by cooperating and empowering the community that we can progress in this area. It is a constant work that we invite you to discover and support.


Our homeless program

Step by step

Through this initiative, our goal is to increase the chances of those who need it. It is by having access to the necessary resources that people can realize themselves and gain the confidence necessary to achieve their full potential. To learn more about our work, please contact our team today.

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 contact Us Sponsors and donors are truly a blessing to these little ones and help to make the worlds of these children so much brighter.If you are interested in sponsoring a child or making a donation, please feel free to contact Île-à-vache Fondation Solidarités:

Ile-a-vache Caille-coq

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